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Hello Mums! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new blog. Raising our little one, who is now 10 months old, has taken a huge bulk of my day, and of course I gladly spend it with her. But I’ve finally found 30 minutes for myself, to sit down and get on with our next subject. As a physio who has recently had a baby myself and been working hand in hand with prenatal/ postnatal mothers, I am frequently asked about my opinion on support bands. 

Honest truth? 

Before I had a baby myself I did not believe in them! But then things changed…Throughout the pregnancy I exercised carefully, worked on my core and pelvic floor, and was VERY CAREFUL with exercise to prevent diastasis recti (gap in the abdominal muscles). Despite all this, I had, not 1 finger width, not 2, but FOUR FINGER WIDTH SPACE!!!! The first time I checked it on myself I couldn’t believe it, just by turning in bed a huge elongated bulge used to pop out like a huge bun of bread had been stuck to my belly. 

After a lot of pilates based exercises the gap has improved and is now only 1 finger wide. In the meantime, I started using these “Core Restore Postpartum Support Bands.” I tried it on for the sake of it because I was convinced that it would be useless… but I can honestly say I WAS WRONG. The postpartum band itself won’t heal the gap BUT it does promote correct posture and stimulate the correct use of the abdominal muscles which in turn help the healing to take place much faster. 

The good thing about these support bands is that although it is best to start using them as soon as possible after birth, they are still VERY helpful if you start using them a couple of months later. As soon as I put this band on, I immediately felt a sense of stability, support and comfort. Due to its 100% latex-free and non-allergenic material, the individually weaved compression stripes allow an airflow and create a breathable, non-irritable feel. 

The support band can be worn straight after c-section and it has been specifically designed for post-operative use. It can be worn both over and under your shirt, it can also be easily used under most clothes without being noticeable as it is really not bulky. 

In conclusion, as a physiotherapist and a relatively new postpartum Mama, YES I would recommend the use of the postpartum support band, as long as they are the right design and size. Personally I stuck with the Lola & Lykke brand through this link

This band has been developed in collaboration with Finnish maternity physiotherapists and won Bronze-award winner at Made for Mums Awards 2020 as best health product for parents. Another thing I love about this brand is that they strive to work toward a sustainable product. I hope this helped any post partum Mamas here <3

If you are not from Malta & would like to purchase one please do not hesitate to inform us to guide you.


✔Provides postural support

✔Helps with postpartum aches and pains

✔Accelerates postpartum recovery 

✔ ️ Latex-free, breathable, hypoallergenic

✔ ️ Suitable for both natural and c-section recovery


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