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A couple of days ago we covered a brief summary about the use of postpartum belts. Today I decided to talk about PREGNANCY BANDS. But before I start about the belts, let us mention the most common pains during pregnancy.

Since I am physiotherapist, I will be focusing on physical/ joint pains rather then physiological pains. I also linked previous blogs which you can refer to for more information.

Most Common Musculoskeletal Pains in Pregnancy: 

1. Low back Pain

2. Pelvic/ Hip Pain

3. Rib Pain

4. Neck Pain

5. Wrist Pain

There are more, but from my experience as a physio and a recently pregnant mother, these are the most common. During pregnancy, among the hormone cocktail going on in our body there is the hormone RELAXIN.

What is the hormone relaxin?

It is a hormone produced by the ovaries and the placenta to prepare the body for childbirth. Relaxin helps to loosen up and relax ligaments in the pelvis and also the cervix. With relaxed ligaments comes an issue of instability; all of a sudden the pelvis starts experiencing lack of stability PLUS the extra weight of the baby!

All joints are affected with this hormone but it is mostly the lower back and pelvic area that are affected. 

What can you do if you experience this pain?

1. Strengthening exercises

Consult your physiotherapist for pregnancy safe strengthening exercises. Focusing on muscle strength will help to provide some extra support to compensate for some of the ligament laxity.

You can follow our previous blog on pelvic pain management.

2. Don’t over do it

When possible avoid over doing it and rest. Try to avoid pain triggering movements and actions

3.Wear Proper Support 

Support includes footwear and back support. Footwear must be closed with good support and cushioning. Pregnancy belts are an excellent type of support which targets the back pelvis and hips.

Pregnancy belts (rather than bands) are more comfortable and customizable, they can be adjusted according to your size while you are growing.

They provide adequate support, which can help with stability and posture, especially as your posture changes throughout those 9 months.

The use of pregnancy belts helps to relief the pelvic pressure and fatigue, especially that fatigue at the end of the day where you feel like your lower abdomen is trying to touch the floor! 

Why? Imagine you have a 10kg shopping bag, and instead of carrying it on your own, a kind human being gives you a helping hand. The Pregnancy Belt is instead of the kind human 🙂

In an indirect way, Pregnancy Belts help with leg swelling since it offloads some of the baby weight from your legs, which is one of the reasons why swelling happens.

It is very important that pregnancy belts provide good support but aren’t too tight, this is why it is very important that they are adjustable.

Personally, I recommend the Lola & Lykke Pregnancy Belt as it is a high quality Finnish product. It is made from stretchy and breathable materials designed to reduce the weight of the belly. It has a Dual support straps and a hot/cold pack that fits neatly in the back pocket give you extra support & comfort. The Lola&Lykke® pregnancy support belt has been developed and recommended with Finnish women’s health physiotherapists.

The ergonomic design of the band hugs the pregnant belly perfectly and the non-irritable bamboo-viscose lining feels comfortable against delicate skin. The support belt can be worn under or over clothing.

This pregnancy belt has it all, although it is on the pricey side so we decided to collaborate with Bibs & Mushie and give you a 15% Discount when you used the code: SUPPORT15 

We hope you found this blog helpful and should you have ANY QUESTIONS please do not hesitate to get in touch with us <3

Wishing a wonderful Journey throughout your pregnancy


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